How to scan with Super Anti-Spyware Portable

1.      Download the scan tool from here:  This is a stand-alone scanner; you do not have to install it on the computer.  It runs from the USB drive or CD.
2.      Copy the downloaded file to a known clean USB drive or burn it to a CD to minimize spreading the infection.
3.      The first thing to do is disconnect the infected computer from the network to minimize spreading the infection.  Worms can move on their own while viruses need a carrier such as email, disks or file transfer.
4.      Plug in the USB or load the CD and double click on the file you downloaded in step one.  Click through the default settings.
5.      Once you get to the main screen click on Check for Updates to load the most recent definition database, also known as a def file.  Some sophisticated types of malware can block you from downloading def files.  If you suspect that this is happening you can rename the application file to something else leaving the .com portion.  Also, boot into safe mode (F8) with networking can help. Thirdly, even if def files don’t download go ahead and scan with the def that came with the package, unless the malware is really new it will probably be found.
6.      Once database is loaded click on Scan your computer.  To begin you will probably want to choose the faster quick scan option on the C drive.  This option scans the areas that malware targets, memory, registry and systems folders. Most infections will be found in these areas so a quick scan on the C drive will find most infections.
7.      Another way to scan is to take the hard drive out of the computer and connect it to another computer using a USB adapter that most of our schools have. [If you don’t have this adapter check with Rob or Van to get one.] Then run the program and choose the external hard drive to scan.  Drive letter depends on how many drives are connected to the computer you are using, for me it is G.

8.      If using the option listed in step 7, after loading the def file and before connecting the USB cable, unplug the network cable from the computer you are using to scan to minimize spreading any infections.
9.      If you need a full antivirus and malware scanning tool try Emsisoft Emergency toolkit.  It loads on a USB drive as well. There are numerous others as well, search Google to find one that you like and that is effective.

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