227-Eleven Topics

EPISODE 227-Eleven Topics

This week I present Eleven assorted topics surrounding privacy, security, and OSINT including a Pegasus recap, ID.Me challenges, more Airtag concerns, the Protonmail audit, results from a ProtonMail search warrant, new uBlock Origin features, another email masking option, upcoming Google Voice changes, GrapheneOS updates, Librem 5 phone refunds, and a new NextDoor OSINT tip. This might be the longest show I have ever made. My apologies in advance.

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Mark Herring


Online Video Training Price Increase
Ransomware Breach Update
“Watermarked” IDs




AirTags: https://ift.tt/3w9lrCc

Protonmail Audit: https://ift.tt/2TBeFri

ProtonMail Search Warrant

uBlock Origin Updates

DDG Email Forwarding

Google Voice SMS Forwarding

GrapheneOS Sandboxed Google Play

Librem 5 Refunds


Settings > Neighborhoods > Explore Neighborhoods

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