230-Personal Data Removal Revisited

This week I revisit my methods for personal online data removal, offer a new free removal workbook, plus two new OSINT tips.

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How do I know what data the sites have?
What is the optimal removal method?
How long will it take?
What if I am blocked because of a VPN?
What if they don’t respond?
Do I have to complete every site?
How often should I revisit?
Should I remove my family?
How do I remove ‘difficult’ content
Should I hire a company to do it?
Will this impact a security clearance?
Is there any point any more?


Reverse Opt-Out for OSINT

Free Workbooks: https://ift.tt/1Q8WIoC

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ProtonVPN: https://ift.tt/2MPwmjr
ProtonMail: https://ift.tt/3qjsEfL
SimpleLogin Masked Email: https://ift.tt/2V5CkNM
Silent Pocket: https://ift.tt/2LOgxFl
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3eCjp7J

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