VMware Data Protection error

I ran into a problem with my VMware Data Protection appliance after the Network Attached Storage (NAS) went down.  The error read: VDP: []001] The most recent checkpoint for the VDP appliance is outdated.  Here’s how I fixed it.

  1. Login to the VDP appliance via SSH (use Putty) using root or admin depending our your setup.
  2. You’ll want to stop the VDP services by entering the following command: dpnctl stop
  3. Once that complete you will want to view the mount points by typing the command: mount
  4. Take note of the mount points labeled data01, data 02, and data03./dev/sdb1 – /data01

    /dev/sdc1 – /data02

    /dev/sdd1 – /data03

  5. Unmount the disks using command: umount /data01, umount /data02, umount /data03.  *Note that it is Umount and not UNmount.
  6. Now run xfs_check for each disk: xfs_check /dev/sdb1, xfs_check /dev/sdc1, xfs_check /dev/sdd1
  7. Remount all of the disks by typing: mount -a and you can check that the mount points are there by typing: mount
  8. Start the VDP services with this command: dpnctl start all
  9. Stop the maintenance service so that you will be able to create a new checkpoint: dpnctl stop maint.
  10. Manually create a checkpoint: avmaint checkpoint – -ava. Wait for it to complete, you can check the status with the status.dpn.  It might take a few minutes.
  11. Run a manual integrity check using the following command: avmaint hfscheck – -full – -ava.  This will take longer to run.  It’s a full integrity check.  You can monitor it with status.dpn.
  12. Once it completes run avmaint hfscheckstatus – -ava and look for status = completed and “result = OK
  13. Run dpnctl start maint to start the maintenance services and you should be free of the error.
  14. Note that if you get an error about not having enough permissions to run any command put sudo in front of the command like this: sudo avmaint hfscheck – -full – -ava.  That should do it.