How to: Custom Domain Name Using Namecheap

I wanted a custom domain for my blog site and found the domain I wanted on I wanted a .io TLD and was able to find the one I wanted at a reasonable price there. Here is how I setup the new domain for the blogger/blogspot site.

I started with this domain name: but I want it to be – IO as in input/output. 
1. First, you will want to start the process on the Google side of things. Here is the link on what to do there:

2. Once you are ready to enter CNAME records log in to your namecheap account and click on Mange Domains.

3. Then click on the domain you want to change.  I only had one but of you have more than one be sure to select the correct one.

4. The options on the left side will change once you click on your domain.
5. Under Host Management select All Host Records.

6. For host name @ enter for the URL.  Do the same for the www host record.  Choose CNAME (alias) under Record Type. You can leave TTL blank and the default setting will be entered one you save.

7. For the subdomain setting you will enter the specific information given to you from the Google side. Choose CNAME (Alias) as the Record Type there too.

8. Click Save Changes when you are done. It may take up to 24 hours for your site to resolve to your new URL.

That’s all there is to it.  You may notice and additional period after the, and custom URLs after you save them.  That is normal DNS protocol and you shouldn’t worry.

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